Feb 3, 2017

Automotive Opportunity

A couple of months ago, a group of bold young men mustered up the courage to ask Joe if Upstream would consider sponsoring them to go to vocational school. It’s an opportunity that most men in Cite´ Soleil, Haiti could never dream of. These men are fighting for survival for themselves and their families in ways that most of us will never scratch the surface of understanding.

Not only do they want to provide for their families, they also want to be the change in their own community. Because of Upstream they were able to start Auto Mechanic School a few weeks ago. It’s a year and a half long program that will give them a trade that they can use the rest of their lives. These men are so grateful for the chance to learn and grow. They will be able to use their skills to help the people around them & generate an income to provide for their loved ones.

The impact on their lives because of someone believing in them & giving them the gift of an education will hopefully pass down for generations to come.



“When I had no hope at all in my life, I directed myself to Mr. Joe for help and certainly Mr. Joe did not take long to be focused on my case. I chose this profession because it was the way to start my life and reduce my suffering in Haiti.”


“I chose to learn mechanical engineering because it is a profession that will be great for my family, my friends in the community, and it will help me to have a livelihood. Thanks to Upstream I will be a professional in the commune of Cite´ Soleil to serve the population.”


“I thank God for this organization that He sent to my country. They have unleashed a lot of things in Cite´ Soleil by sending children to school and helping the young learn professions. I pray that God will never stop protecting you to do more. God bless Upstream.”


These are the things that we are fighting for. We are so thankful for our amazing supporters. Without YOU we wouldn’t be able to send people like these fine young men to school.


Thank you is written all over their faces and our hearts.