Feb 10, 2022

Battle of the Mind

I’ve been thinking lately about how sometimes we give residence to the enemy in our heads and worse, we don’t ask him to leave. Now, I know we all battle the enemy in our minds with bad thoughts, guilt, and even giving in to condemning words at times, but then there are some who just sell their birthright and give to the enemy what he wants most, for you to serve him and his lies.
We do this when we agree with the enemy and his lies. When we not only say, but believe good things can’t happen to us when we say we are cursed or that because of sin we are undeserving of God's goodness.

We must be very careful with our words, not just the ones spoken but also the ones that echo in our minds. Today if you have given land to the enemy in your mind, if you’ve agreed with him on something that is contrary to the identity that God has given you with your new life in Christ, then you must go after that territory with the sword. 

When I say the sword, I don’t mean with your Bible sitting on your shelf or the one in your hand, I mean with the Word spoken out loud, the Word that has taken root in your heart and that has been meditated over until you have faith in it. Speak it out loud, swing it like a sword at your enemy, declare God’s right to all territories in your life.

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2 Timothy 2:26 “…and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.”