Nov 20, 2020

Giving Isn't Cancelled

A few days ago I knew that we would be talking about giving on our podcast.  Giving is something that I get RIDICULOUSLY excited about. Anyone else feel me on that?  We wanted to give everyone ideas on different ways to give, and also encourage people to think outside of the box this holiday season. God knows we need a spirit of giving and generosity during these crazy times we are ALL facing together. People and organizations alike NEED to see and experience generosity now more than ever before. 

As the sun was peeking through my window a few mornings ago, I heard a faint "Mom! Look what I got for you!". Oxton came into my room as I was just starting my day (he and the rest of the men of the house are morning people that I simply am not) and handed me this precious bunch of flowers he hand picked just for me. I must say that since I was already pondering giving, it struck me harder than it probably would have ever before. If you have kids, I am certain that they have given you flowers at some time or another, and that likely they are even mangled and withering at times. Either way, what struck me was his heart and excitement. He didn't have any money to give, but he did have THOUGHTFULNESS and he did have A HEART to BLESS his mama. He knows I love flowers, he knows I hate mornings and he gave something far bigger than flowers that morning, he gave me JOY and GRATITUDE. 

If we could all learn from the sweet, tender thoughtfulness of a child, man what a world this could and would be. As we approach the holiday season and will quickly move past it, let us all remember that we don't have to have anything to give and yet we can still abundantly bless people with our hearts.

So, let's all give. 

If you have time, spend it. 

If you have money, share it. 

If you have a kitchen and food, cook for someone so they don't have to. 

If you have extra, don't hoard it. (even toilet paper)

If you have nothing physical, give your words. 

In this wild season where all of the things seem to be cancelled, REMEMBER that GIVING ISN'T CANCELLED