Apr 28, 2017

Note To Self

There will be days you want to stay in bed all day. 

There will be days when you look up the staircase of the day and you tell yourself you can't do it. 

You can do it. One step at a time. Just take a step anyway. 

Sometimes the fog is thick and you can't see the finish line in the distance. 

There will be days when life is going so fast you can't seem to catch it standing still.

Catch it. You can. 

Get your butt out of bed. In fact, JUMP out. 

Drink a cup of coffee that smiles back at you. 

Have a good cry. Even an ugly one.

Read a good book. Or ten. 

Hug your people. Laugh with your people. 

Watch your favorite show. (Preferably on a tv that works.)

Call your friends, they will encourage you. If they don't.....get new friends. 

Eat something delicious. 

Nope,  I said DELICIOUS. 

And above ALL other things.....


He knows. He sees. He has the victory. HIS resurrection blood is flowing through YOUR veins, that means YOU have the victory, too. And so do I.  

Note to self: with HIM- you've got this.