Apr 28, 2017

Peace In The Citè

Quite a few months ago Joe was approached by a group of men in Citè Soleil. They wanted to know if Upstream would sponsor a foutbòl (soccer) tournament. Citè Soleil is an area that is plagued with violence and abject poverty. There are neighborhood rivalries that add many layers to the complexities of working there, let alone living there. So, when these men came to Joe and promised him that if Upstream sponsored the tourney that they would keep PEACE, he couldn't say no. So, for thirty days they had a foutbòl tournament. Rival neighborhoods came together for a common goal, community. There were trophies at the end and calm throughout. One of the days Joe joined in and watched what these men came up with on their own. They are the heroes, the ones that are fighting for a brighter future for their families, friends & neighbors. We are humbled to be invited into their world.