Feb 6, 2024

Upstream USA is on it's WAY!

As many of you know, Upstream has loved and served Haiti for FOURTEEN years as of this month. Our commitment to the Haitian people is unwavering and we will continue to work on their behalf with everything we have. As we have prayed over the last several years, we have felt a strong sense from God that we need to bring more of what Haiti has taught us right here to the USA. 

Hosting teams was one of our favorite parts of serving in Haiti. If you've been to Haiti with us, you know that our main focus has been opening people's eyes to their stories, their faith, and how God wants to use each of us. Your calling may not be to go to Haiti, it may not be to start an org like Upstream, but we know that God asks ALL of us to love our neighbors, care for the poor & hurting, and live ON PURPOSE and AGAINST THE FLOW. The violence and chaos in Haiti have made it impossible to lead teams there, so we decided to follow the leading of the Lord NOW & do our best to bring what we've learned in the 14 years we've worked there to CAMP UPSTREAM !!!! 

Camp Upstream is a Christ-centered place of respite, learning, and growth that serves people looking to be refueled, refocused, or reset. We also provide missional living training camps that will launch you into a purpose-filled, upstream life. Phase one launched in March 2024 and included building three Safe T Home® units in partnership with Madrid E Free Church & GoServ Global. Each unit is nestled between peaceful cedars and live oaks with grand views of the Hill Country in Pipe Creek, TX.  For more info about Camp Upstream, email us today!

We are used to faith steps and living on prayer at Upstream and this is another opportunity for us to exercise our faith muscles. We need to raise $30,000 by March 8th, 2024. Yes, March 8th, 2024.....that is just over a month away. GAH! Hitting the $30k goal will enable us to provide all materials needed for the three cabin frames & bases to be built. We have seen God move SOOOOO many times over the years and we trust that this time will be no exception. We cannot wait to see how He writes this chapter. In the coming days and weeks, we will share more about the heart and vision behind CAMP UPSREAM, but for now, we are asking you to help us get ready for what God has in store. We are hosting our first-ever USA Mission Trip in March to build the Safe T Home® units and get ready for phase 2. We are SO STOKED!! Would you join us in the first steps of preparing a place to care for laborers, train the next generation, and impact the community around us? Donate TODAY!!