Birthday Fundraiser

Birthday Fundraiser

Over the years I have seen people do lots of different kinds of fundraisers for birthdays or certain special dates or anniversaries, etc. I’ve never done a fundraiser, but, this year for my birthday I’d like to ask you to pray about giving a gift to help an incredible cause.

Please consider donating to UpStream International. My friends in Texas, Joe and his wife Sami used to live in a small village in Haiti and were missionaries there with their family. Since moving back to the States, they still do ministry work there and currently go back-and-forth from the States to the village to provide support for them, build schools, manage classrooms, manage safety for the kids, provide supplies for the village such as food and medical needs, teaching them God’s word, and provide other necessary expenses that the families often cannot afford on their own.

I personally cannot think of a better place to donate my resources because I have seen over the years the work that they do there in Haiti and the lives that they are changing every single day! They provide opportunities in health and education, and in knowing God’s word that these kids and families may not have otherwise.

With everything going on in today’s society, looking at what Joe and Sami do in Haiti brings hope not just to me, but to everyone in that village and everyone who is a part of UpStream.

My goal is to raise a minimum of $500 for this ministry. It will provide a lot of resources for the village in Haiti 🇭🇹 Thank you for considering being part of changing lives and making an eternal impact!

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Fundraiser created by
Sheena Allen
South Carolina, United States


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